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Article in Nature Communications

New article "Visualizing charge separation in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells" has been published in 3rd ranking scientific journal Nature Communications (impact factor 10,015). This work was done in collaboration with our Swedish and german collegues and can be found here.


3 conferences attended in July

Members of the research group attended three different conferences in July. Head of the group Vidmantas Gulbinas gave oral presentation "Charge Carrier Generation and Transport in Merocianine : Fullerene Blends for Solar Cells" in 7th international conference on materials for advanced technologies ICMAT 2013 in Singapore. Renata Karpicz presented a poster "Electronic properties of indan-1,3-dione […]

New member of our team

Vytautas Abramavicius – PhD student in Vilnius University has joined our research team as a junior researcher. We wish him best luck and great results!

New article published

Several authors (including D. Peckus and V. Gulbinas) from University of Cologne in germany and Center for Physical Sciences and Technology have published their research results in an article Charge Transfer States in Merocyanine Neat Films and Its Blends with [6,6]-Phenyl-C61-butyric Acid Methyl Ester. This work can be found in volume 117 of the Journal […]

Three articles published

Three articles have been published in paper format by the project research group. All papers appeared in volume 404 of the Chemical Physics journal. You can see digital copies by following the links below: Tautomeric forms of PPI dendrimers functionalized with 4-(4′-ethoxybenzoyloxy)salicylaldehyde chromophores Exciton diffusion, annihilation and their role in the charge carrier generation in […]

The website has started

Welcome to the website of Vidmantas Gulbinas research group. The research of this group is funded by the European Social Fund under the Global Grant Measure.